Random Thoughts

Outlining 2.0: I managed to flesh out my characters a little better with the handy sheets I found. They have literally come to life and it just seems easier to write them now. They have more mannerisms in each scene. They just make so much more sense. And I will always be grateful that I… Continue reading Random Thoughts



Confession time: I have, and more than likely always will be, a horrible outliner. High school, college, graduate school...if the teacher wanted an outline, and provided what they wanted in the paper, I would literally just bullet point what was provided. With that being said, I've hit a wall with my novel. It's like my… Continue reading Outlining


Let me get real for a minute. I'm from Louisiana. I live in the area that was affected by The Great Flood. Thankfully, our house didn't flood. But my storage unit went for a good little swim. As an avid reader, I had hundreds of books. Notice that 'had' there, right? That's not a typo.… Continue reading Books