Random Thoughts

Outlining 2.0:

I managed to flesh out my characters a little better with the handy sheets I found. They have literally come to life and it just seems easier to write them now. They have more mannerisms in each scene. They just make so much more sense. And I will always be grateful that I found the outline pages. I’m fairly certain I just saved my novel.

Daily life:

Suffering from MS definitely has its challenges. I have multiple calendars that I write my appointments down in. Only issue here is I forget to update all of the calendars. I write ‘To Do’ lists but sometimes forget that I’ve written them. I started a symptom journal – I learned about this at an MS event I attended. I guess I wasn’t aware of exactly how many symptoms I experienced in one day until I wrote them down.

Job search:

I’ve been unemployed for almost 2 years. It hasn’t been easy to pay the bills, but I have some pretty awesome parents. I found out I have a phone interview for a job similar to what I was doing before I was laid off. Here’s to hoping things go well!


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