Mystery in Birmingham

The name of my book. The poor book I’ve been writing on for years. The book that I managed to ensnare a character from another book in. The book that just keeps on giving…in terms of insanity, that is.

I love writing. I really love writing. But I am always thinking of things to change in chapters that are already written. Then my MC’s name isn’t known to anyone…at least until he gets married. He then has to explain why he goes by ‘Grayson’ instead of Etienne. The tangled webs writers weave!

Anyway, Mystery in Birmingham. It’s about a detective who loses his wife, has two heart attacks, and marries again. His wife was murdered by the homicide suspect he’s chasing. He bottles everything up until he has his first heart attack. Then he has the second when the aforementioned suspect is talking about the detective’s wife. While tagging along to Tuscaloosa with his partner, he meets his second wife. He’s hesitant about this relationship but finally embraces it. At the beginning of the next book (Mystery in Tuscaloosa), Grayson and Corrie have two kids.

Mystery in Tuscaloosa is a different story. I’ll get around to writing a post about it.


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