Let me try to explain this character. It could get a bit sticky, however. As he developed throughout the story, things just kept building and building.

Name: Etienne Beauregard ‘Grayson’ Harper (His younger sister couldn’t pronounce Etienne and she started calling him Grayson)

Age: Just turned 36

Gen. Desc.: 6’1″, light brown hair, green eyes, scruffy beard, lean, muscled

Hometown: Jeanerette, LA (It’s a small little town down by the coast, not far from Avery Island)

Relationship status: Married (was a widow prior to getting remarried)

Family: Parents: Marie-Madeleine Clementine Beauregard Harper and Christopher Alexander Harper; Siblings: Adele-Adelaide Madeleine Harper, Matthieu Adelphe Harper, and Carine-Clementine Eugenie Harper (passed away); Wives: Charlotte Elizabeth Hiddington Harper (first wife, murdered), Corissa ‘Corrie’ Eugenia Plantagard Harper (second wife); Children: Mason Isaac, Emma Paige, Noah Parker, Isabella Meredith, Liam Samuel, and Sophia Gwendolyn (with Charlotte); Grace Annalise, Scarlett Liliana, Lily Jade, Violet Faith, Oliver Alexander, and Willow Jasmine (with Corrie); In-Laws: Katya Zuzanna Lisiewics Hiddington and Eric Samuel Hiddington

Just a little background on Grayson. He was married to Charlotte for 20 years before she was murdered by a murder suspect he was hunting (investigating). He met Corrie when he and his partner, Rachul, went down to Tuscaloosa. Corrie works for the Tuscaloosa Lab. They got together, sparks flew, things went slow for a little bit, then they got married.

Grayson had two heart attacks, got placed on desk duty before being placed on leave, then he managed to get back to being on desk duty again. He’s seeing a therapist, after having pushed his children into therapy themselves.

In Mystery in Birmingham, Corrie only has 2 children with Grayson. Since she is also a character in later books, more children will come about.


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