I had originally started writing my novel in third person. Then I read a book where it was written wholly in first person. I decided to try writing my novel in first person. That failed. Miserably. I tried several times to write it in first person but I just couldn’t make it work. There were so many parts missing that I decided to rewrite it in third person. I think it’s flowing better, but only time will tell.


You know how accomplished writers say to write at a specific time of day for a specific amount of time? Yeah, that’s not for me. I’m terrible at sticking to a schedule – other than taking the dogs for a walk in the mornings. I feel limited if I try to constrain myself to a specific writing time. My creativity flows all the time, not just at a single moment in time. Sometimes it just doesn’t flow. It’s stagnant. And stands in the corner laughing at me.


I haven’t been doing much writing as of late. I was rewriting my novel a few chapters a day. Then, I had the notion to rewrite it again. Hopefully I’ll get back to actually writing new bits of the book and make the characters feel more alive…more real. I know how I want my characters to be read, how I want them to be related to. It’s just a matter of getting that from my garbled mind to the paper <— this has become the major problem lately because of my MS. But I keep pushing through and hope my book reflects that.


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